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With 10 years of consulting experience and distribution of IT solutions, Admicom provides its users with its expertise, to bring a unique solution on the market which is: Convenient, mobile, powerful and ultra-secure.

100% French Hosting

Our servers are stored in French Datacenters and technical support is provided by our teams
in Lyon.

Hébergement français



To connect whenever you want, from anywhere and from any support.


AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice

__Notre solution vous permet de vous connecter quand vous le souhaitez, de n’importe où et de n’importe quel dispositif ou plateforme logicielle (PC, Mac, SmartPhone, TabletPC etc.), dès lors que vous disposez d’un accès Internet. La consommation de bande passante descendante côté client étant relativement faible, un simple accès 3G suffit à un usage fluide.


Securing data

Daily backups of our customers virtualized servers.


__Un enjeu stratégique

__Nous sauvegardons quotidiennement les serveurs virtualisés de nos clients (système, programmes et données) et répliquons les copies incrémentielles vers un second site sécurisé, de manière compressée et cryptée. Nous conservons un historique de sauvegardes sur 24 mois, nous permettant à la fois la restauration granulaire et complète des serveurs de nos clients.


Confidentiality of the data

Hosting provided on our servers, within Datacenters in France.


__Etanchéité des environnements

__L’hébergement est assuré sur nos serveurs, au sein de Datacenters en France (Lyon). Nous isolons chacun de nos clients par le biais d’installations et d’équipements qui lui sont exclusivement dédiés. Par ailleurs, nous sommes tenus au secret professionnel le plus strict, formalisé par des clauses contractuelles extrêmement précises.

Total Compliance RGPD

The cloud of proximity

Admicom, outsourcing
with quality service

Delegate your IT architecture and maintenance to professionals specially trained in this business in order to save time and performance. Also benefit from processes and measures historically dedicated to accounting firms and legal professions.

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Independence of publishers

of publishers

Our Independence allows us to host and maintain more than fifty different applications. We provide level 1 support and manage supplier relationships.

Security and confidentiality:

and Confidentiality

All our server infrastructures are redundant and hosted in Datacenters in France on our equipment. The installations are virtualized in a non-shared software environment and comply with the prerequisites imposed by the publishers.

Exclusive software


Our office includes as standard Windows Server access licenses, Windows RDS services and all the most productive office software such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Exchange Collaborative Messaging.

Customized service


Our engineering teams provide a 7/7 user support service, by email and by telephone. This high-quality service specializes in the legal and accounting professions.

Zen offer


We take care of the installation of your business software updates as soon as they come out, outside office hours, so as not to penalize your production. Therefore, you will not waste time with time-consuming operations, especially during the tax period!

Clear pricing


The audit and the initial migration are free of charge, the pricing is monthly, degressive and relies on the number of users of the firm during the month. Finally, the package is without any commitment of duration and therefore without cancellation fee: you remain free all the time!

Unlimited storage


During the initial audit, we define a necessary storage volume and allocate a quota per user. In case of overrun, we will reallocate disk space free of charge.

Remote access customers

Remote access

We offer you the possibility to open to your customers an access to consultation or input to your production software in addition to or in replacement of the web platform offered by most publishers. Capture and retain your customers with this tool, and especially develop a new type of Business Model.

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13 years of experience
at the service of demanding professionals.

Since it is certainly our customers who speak it best, do not hesitate to consult their various testimonials and to contact them to exchange on their experience feedback.

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